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Aviation summit highlights cargo security issues

By control on July 6, 2011

With incidents such as the January Domodedovo airport suicide bombing and the October 2010 air cargo bomb from Yemen garnering headlines, airfreight security has never been a hotter topic. And it’s precisely this topic that will be the focus of the International Quality & Productivity Centre’s (IQPC) 3rd Annual Aviation Security 2011 conference, taking place in Dubai from September 18-21.

This summit comes on the heels of a recent IQPC study indicating that nearly 70 percent of respondents deem the Middle East the region most in need of cargo security improvements. It’s an issue that’s compounded by the fact that the Middle East is resolved to become a global hub for airfreight and has been posting significant growth in the area, IQPC maintained.

“This growth in passenger and cargo traffic is great news for the economy in the Middle East, but also brings with it increased security threats and opportunities for security breaches,” IQPC said.

That’s why the IQPC summit will discuss pertinent cargo security issues, including developing a risk assessment guide to identify potential safety breaches, complying with new industry regulations, and preventing adverse incidents in the future.

What’s more, IQPC said, “At Aviation Security 2011, you will learn about the latest technologies available to combat threats and crimes, and explore case studies and best practices in human resource training and international regulations and standards.”

For more information about the IQPC conference, click here.

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