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ICAO and WCO sign MoU for airfreight security

By control on July 14, 2011

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has signed a MoU with the World Customs Organization (WCO) for the promotion of tighter airfreight security. In addition to protecting cargo from terrorist attacks and illegal tampering, ICAO and WCO also hope to expedite the transportation process.

ICAO said the new partnership will allow the two organizations to share information on multiple levels — government-to-government, Customs-to-Customs and Customs-to-industry — and develop risk management and training initiatives. What’s more, a key focus of the MoU is aligning the regulatory stances of both organizations regarding airfreight.

To ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin, protecting cargo from outside threats is critical to international trade.

“The global air cargo system is a complex, multifaceted network for transporting vast amounts of freight, packages and mail on both passenger and all-cargo aircraft,” Benjamin said in a statement. “The solution to improving security without sacrificing speed of delivery is through the consistent application of relevant and effective controls, from start to finish during the shipping process.”

WCO Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya concurs, adding that the global economy depends on international trade for economic growth and social development. “Moving goods by air is an essential part of the global supply chain and ensuring the security of air cargo is paramount, which is why this MoU is a powerful tool in our collective efforts to keep potential threats at bay,” Mikuriya said.

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