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IES and Traxon Europe develop ICS compliance network

By control on July 6, 2011

To streamline data exchange between freight forwarders and airlines — and meet new European Union customs’ standards — IES and Traxon Europe have created an EU import control system (ICS) compliance network. Acting like a hub for ICS channels, the network simplifies the airfreight data-entry process, the companies said.

Introduced earlier this year, ICS is the new electronic standard for shipping cargo into the EU. In addition to requiring information about the items being imported, it assesses the risk of goods before they arrive.

And the new network co-developed by IES and Traxon Europe does just that, Traxon Europe Managing Director Felix Keck asserted.

“Our service facilitates the automatic handling of all messages to and from local customs via one EDI interface,” he said in a statement. More specifically, Keck explained, Traxon Air Cargo Customs Europe generates an entry summary declaration, an arrival notification and the diversion request from electronic data interchange communications.

“Traxon [then] validates the information, and translates and maps it according to local requirements,” Keck said. “When the declaration is thus completed, it is sent to the relevant customs office.”

To Andrew Bullen, IES president and CEO, it’s a proficiency that has a direct impact on customer service. “The joint IES-Traxon initiative will provide our customers with the highest level of service and regulatory compliance,” he said in a statement. “In addition to compliance, the partnership will serve as a powerful foundation for our clients to reduce costs with the carriers and offer additional services to their customer base.”

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