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ATA implores FAA to accelerate air traffic modernization

By control on August 31, 2011

Air Transport Association of America officials have urged the Federal Aviation Administration to speed up its implementation of modern air traffic management systems. In a speech to members of the aviation profession, ATA President and CEO Nicholas Calio shared his proposed timetable and more.

“Near-term FAA action will help government focus on priorities that can provide immediate economic — and importantly — customer-service benefits,” Calio told attendees of the Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit. “The airline industry faces daunting levels of taxation and regulation, and not addressing these matters quickly stifles our ability to further drive economic growth and puts us at greater risk to foreign competition.”

To rectify the issue, Calio called for the one-year implementation of the FAA Navigation Procedures Project and the reorganization of National Environmental Policy Act review processes to accelerate the deployment of Performance-Based Navigation and other NextGen initiatives. Calio also endorsed the development of performance metrics to measure the government’s execution of NextGen processes.

If such actions aren’t taken, he warned, the aviation industry could become stagnant.

“We are at an inflection point,” Calio said. “We can do what we have always done and get the same results. Or we can do something different, to a different outcome ... one that ensures we can be globally competitive and create, maintain and grow American jobs.”

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