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Boeing projects China will need 400 freighters by 2030

By control on September 8, 2011

China’s airfreight market will only grow in the coming decades, Boeing officials recently predicted. Although the Asian nation already leads the world in cargo growth, China will demand 400 new freighters by 2030, representatives for the aircraft manufacturer projected.

Jumbo-sized freighters, such as Boeing’s 747-8Fs and 777Fs, will be the most in demand aircraft, company officials anticipate. After all, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Vice President of Marketing Randy Tinseth anticipated, China will utilize the majority of the planes on its long-haul routes.

In addition to requiring 400 freighters, China will also necessitate 5,000 new commercial airplanes by 2030, a Boeing spokesman said. The aircraft, valued at $600 billion, will help China take advantage of its booming tourism sector and double-digit economic growth.

It’s simply a matter of keeping up with demand, Tinseth explained. “Sustained strong economic growth, growing trade activities, increasing personal wealth and income, as well as continued market liberalization will be the driving forces in shaping China’s air travel market,” he said in a statement.

“We expect China will be the second largest country taking new commercial airplane deliveries due to its air travel demand growing at an annual rate of 7.6 percent on average,” Tinseth continued.

In terms of commercial aircraft demanded, Boeing officials anticipate small- and medium-sized, twin-aisle planes, such as its 777 series, accounting for more than 40 percent of future deliveries to China. Narrow-body aircraft will also have a place in China’s aviation sector, however, with company representatives projecting deliveries of these planes to reach 3,550 by 2030.

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