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Project to renovate Russian airports underway

By control on September 30, 2011

Lufthansa Consulting officials, in conjunction with representatives from Khabarovsk Novy Airport (KHV) and Sheremetyevo International Airport, have finalized their strategy to establish aviation hubs at KHV and Vladivostok International Airport (VVO), two airports located in the Russian Far East. The execution of the new strategy is expected to increase the airports’ cargo volumes to a combined total of 120,000 tonnes by 2015.

KHV’s and VVO’s passenger volumes are also projected to grow considerably with the implementation of Lufthansa Consulting’s strategy, climbing to 5.5 million travelers in total by 2015.

It’s an improvement that will boost both airports’ profitability tremendously, Lufthansa Consulting officials stated. “The precondition for this level of growth is significant market potential in the transit passenger and air cargo field realized through route development, as well as infrastructure reconstruction in regards to terminals and aerodromes,” a company spokeswoman explained.

VVO has a leg up on KHV, however; the modernization of VVO is already in the final stages.

The renovations of VVO and KHV have been underway since July 2010, when the multidisciplinary team began brainstorming about ways to boost the airports’ operations. Taking a five-pronged approach, the team first assessed KHV’s and VVO’s infrastructures and performed an extensive market and passenger flow analysis. They then developed strategies to improve and expand both airports’ passenger and airfreight operations.

Lufthansa Consulting officials said the final two steps involved the identification of necessary infrastructure improvements and “the evaluation of potential fields of cooperation between the airports and the regional and federal governments.”

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