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Amsterdam Airport welcomes Chongqing freight route

By control on October 3, 2011

China Southern Airlines has launched twice-weekly B777F service from Amsterdam to Chongqing. It’s a freight route that has numerous implications for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, as the airport seeks to expand its Asian presence and address the region’s vast economic growth.

The decision to increase the trade links between Chongqing and Amsterdam was strategic, airport officials said. A major producer of PCs and laptops, Chongqing houses some of the biggest names in electronics. The Southwest Chinese city’s financial success has also led it to become a strong consumer of goods, as its residents have more capital to spend.

Employing China Southern Airlines to perform the route is also particularly advantageous, Schiphol Cargo Senior Vice President Enno Osinga said.

“As [China Southern Airlines] is a member of SkyTeam, these new flights offer immediate potential for connections with Air France-KLM over Schiphol, giving both airlines access to their respective networks,” Osinga said in a statement. “Our links with China will develop further when China Eastern joins SkyTeam, as this would allow both China Cargo Airlines and Air France-KLM to tap into China Eastern’s domestic network as well.”

The addition of service to Chongqing brings the total number of freight routes from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to China to nine. Other Chinese cities linked to the Netherlands-based airport include Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzen, Tianjin, Yantai and Chengdu.

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