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Charter company elevates freight forwarders

By control on October 27, 2011

Airfreight industry veterans have established a new charter company that nixes communication with shippers/end users and deals exclusively with freight forwarders. The Frankfurt-based company Neo Air Charter is also in expansion mode, with new offices planned for gateways in Singapore and the U.S.

“With the launch of Neo Air Charter, we have fully recognized and respect the role of the freight agent as an essential link in the supply chain,” company founder Adnan Duran said in a statement. “For that reason, we will only accept inquiries and instructions from freight forwarders and logistics intermediaries. We believe that is a unique proposition in air charter.”

Neo Air Charter, which is fully operational, has already worked with various well-known forwarders, company representatives revealed. Although the company will serve all charter markets, some of the key sectors it addressed include relief, ships’ spares, aircraft on ground, military, oil and gas, power generation, and livestock and bloodstock.

The charter company will also arrange transportation for support personnel, including engineers, technicians and rescue workers, who are integral to the charter process.

“We can handle any kind of business, for any type of aircraft, from a single-engine Cessna to the An-225, to or from anywhere in the world,” Duran remarked. What’s more, he said, time differences have no affect on company operations since Neo’s offices are manned around the clock.

To Duran, it’s all about streamlining operations and maintaining efficiency in the air charter industry. “But, above all,” he stated, “we believe that it is our promise of commercial neutrality that will really win the support of freight agents.”

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