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The Week in brief

By control on October 14, 2011
  • Oak Hill Capital Partners has invested $55 million in Southern Air. Oak Hill Capital, which was served as Southern Air’s majority investor since 2007, will provide the resources for Southern Air to complete initiatives such as expanding its fleet with 777F and 747-400 aircraft.
  • UPS has extended its UPS Paperless Invoice service to global airfreight shipments. With this service, order processing, shipment preparation and commercial invoice data are integrated, saving customers time and eliminating issues common to paper documentation. The information is then transmitted to international Customs offices prior to the shipment’s arrival.
  • The Director General of Civil Aeronautics has given Air Tribe the green light to operate heavy aircraft. Air Tribe, which will begin operating its first Convair 580 by the end of the month, will fly this aircraft on ad-hoc charters while it acquires more planes for ACMI service.
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