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MASkargo flight highlights worldwide need

By control on November 18, 2011

Earlier this week, MASkargo flew 40 tonnes of food to the UN's Humanitarian Response Depot in Dubai using an Airbus A330-200F. The delivery corresponded with the carrier’s arrival at the Dubai Air Show.

This latest effort is something that is seen across the world whenever disaster strikes, Maximus Air Cargo CEO Fathi Buhazza said in the December issue of Air Cargo World, but more can be done for the long-term good of those in need.

Although Buhazza highlighted the humanitarian efforts of freight carriers — including TNT and UPS’s Moving the World initiative and his own airline’s Care by Air program — he believes such initiatives should be the rule, not the exception. He also renounced the practice of capitalizing from natural disasters and other tragedies.

“One of the most shocking examples was Asia’s tsunami in 2004,” he said. Instead of exercising compassion, some freight carriers formed cartels and increased their rates by as much as $100,000 a day, he revealed.

“Supply and demand ultimately come into play in these situations, but there is no excuse for gouging prices,” Buhazza said. “It is wrong, and it cannot happen in our industry again. We have a duty; we have the assets, and we are able to benefit our business while boosting the relief sector.”

Undertaking humanitarian efforts also casts good light on an industry that has been rocked by scandal. “If our industry can take the lead and show that it is responsible, then perhaps governments would look more kindly on our work and understand that air cargo is also critical to world trade,” Buhazza said.

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