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Scott Dolan made decision to leave United

By control on November 11, 2011

Scott Dolan, senior vice president of airport operations and cargo at United Airlines, has left the carrier. He was replaced last month by Jon Roitman.

"United appointed Jon Roitman to serve as the senior vice president of airport operations and cargo in October, who succeeded Scott Dolan, who left the company," Julie King, director of corporate communications at United, told Air Cargo World. "It was his decision to leave."

Not much more is known about Dolan's departure, but according to a senior person in the industry, Dolan simply may have been a casualty of the merger between United and Continental.

"Sometimes these integration processes don't work out for everyone for some reason," said the source, who was not familiar with the circumstances of Dolan's departure. "Executives come and go, but it does seem unusual at this juncture in the process."

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