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On-board couriers: Fad or invaluable supply-chain tool?

By control on December 14, 2011

“As long as you have global players developing and producing parts on one continent and assembling them on another, and as long as you have either quality or production glitches or late design changes, there will be always be a demand for OBC services,” Boetzer said.

While some may not think of it as traditional air cargo, OBC programs are very much a part of the modern supply chain. Boetzer said that courier services are neither a passing fad nor a luxury; he concluded that they will be around for as long as goods need to be shipped.

“OBC is not a new industry. The difference today is that planes now have jet engines and fly faster,” he said. "Supported by IT technologies, we can design/develop/build/produce items remotely and not on-site. When a global supply chain breaks, OBC can be an invaluable problem solver.”


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