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'I'm a huge believer in air cargo,' IATA CEO says

By control on March 14, 2012

If you look at prospects for the future, it’s a really significant potential growth area for the industry. Passenger markets can eventually mature and saturate, but when you look at the way the world is moving in terms of the whole way that business life is organized, there’s huge potential in air cargo. Just-in-time management philosophies wouldn’t be possible without air cargo.

Product development cycles are so short now that you want to have the minimum amount of inventory because you may find that somebody else comes up with a better mousetrap, and all your mousetraps are rubbish. So you don’t want to make too many mousetraps; you just want to keep producing them and getting them to market quickly, cutting down inventory levels. Air cargo is the tool that helps you do that.

I’m a huge believer in air cargo. If it’s going to be important to the industry, then IATA needs to be on top of it and make sure we add value.


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