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Cargo brokers launch charter alliance

By control on April 16, 2012

The founding members of Singapore-based Pacific Airlift, The Charter Store of the U.S., and NEO Air Charter of Germany have teamed up to launch the Global Charter Alliance, a consortium of independent brokers. The brokers’ goal is provide personalized services with the backing of a global network, according to a press release.

Pacific Airlift Director Andrew Sim said the October launch of NEO Air Charter served as a catalyst for the establishment of GCA. He expects the newest company take the collaboration afforded by NEO to another level.

According to the press release, GCA members will benefit from reduced costs, enhanced efficiency and more effective marketing. Customers will also profit from the new company, enjoying “a more localized presence at origin and destination, and potential opportunities to reduce costs through sharing of capacity and better use of empty legs.”

Currently, GCA membership includes coverage in the Asia-Pacific, U.S. and Europe, but the company has plans to expand into new regions as well. GCA will do so carefully and strategically, however, Sim revealed.

“We all enforce high standards and enjoy excellent reputations, and we are not willing to compromise these by admitting new members who do not meet our strict criteria,” Sim said in a statement. “Quality is GCA’s first priority, and expansion comes second.”

Harry Steiner, senior partner and co-founder of The Charter Store, reiterated the fact that, like NEO Air Charter, GCA will respect the relationship between freight forwarders and shippers. “The larger brokers increasingly conduct business with shippers and government entities directly, and so directly compete with freight forwarders,” Steiner said.

“We take a different view,” Steiner continued. “Freight agents play a vital role in the supply chain, which we absolutely respect. So we work with them, not against them.”

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