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GSSA takes controlling interest in Niger Air Cargo

By control on April 4, 2012

Paris-based GSSA ECS Group has purchased a controlling interest in Niger Air Cargo, an airline launched recently on the back of a private investor. Niger Air Cargo begins life as an airline with a weekly service between Liege and Niamey, Niger, on either a DC-10 or MD-11.

Each weekly flight will offer 85 tonnes of capacity, and officials from ECS expect this space to be filled with food and healthcare perishables, communications equipment, and apparel.

“We are offering an innovative cargo solution into Niger to support its growing market. We will also offer unique logistics solutions in the region with our cargo aircraft which will be important with regard to intra-African business opportunities, especially with Nigeria and Mali, as well as the domestic market," ECS' CEO, Bretrand Schmoll, said in a statement. "The registration of Niger Air Cargo will allow ECS to seal special pro-rate agreements with other carriers interested in this reliable link into Africa and intra-Africa.”

Niger Air Cargo's staff will work out of a warehouse located in Niamey. ECS will serve as the exclusive GSSA for the carrier. According to a press release, the two firms hope to work together to establish Niamey as a distribution point into West Africa.

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