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Hactl to open IATA training center

By control on April 18, 2012

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd. will open the first IATA Authorised Training Centre in Hong Kong during the second half of the year. The center, sanctioned by the International Air Transport Association, will train airfreight practitioners about dangerous goods, live animals, infectious substances and perishables, among other issues.

According to a press release, “the IATA Training and Development Institute develops the IATA International Cargo Training Program, which incorporates distance learning and e-learning modules for students wishing to upgrade their professional competence or start a career in the industry.” IATA believes that such materials will increase competency and professionalism among members of the airfreight profession.

IATA then awards certificates to those who complete the program through its network of ATCs. To ensure quality and consistency, IATA regularly audits ATC facilities and program instructors, according to the press release.

In the case of Hactl, however, training personnel about new materials is nothing new. The cargo handler for Hong Kong International Airport recently deployed the HKD240million COSAC-Plus Cargo Management System in a three-phased initiative. Last week, Hactl entered the final phase of implementation, with the last 26 of the 91 airline customers handled by Hactl transferred to COSAC-Plus.

Still, Cindy Ng, Hactl’s general manager of information services, said the cargo-handler’s work is far from over. “COSAC-Plus will always be a work in progress,” she said in a statement. “With ever-changing regulations and customer needs, the system must continue to evolve as it has done since Hactl was launched in 1976.

“COSAC-Plus and its two predecessors have been the backbone of Hactl’s operations for 36 years, and we continue to invest heavily in ensuring that the system is fully up-to-date and totally robust,” Ng continued. “When you handle 3 million tonnes of cargo a year for over 90 airlines and 1,000 freight forwarders, failure is not an option.”

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