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Boeing, LOT Polish Airlines collaborate for air traffic management

By control on June 21, 2012

Boeing has partnered up with LOT Polish Airlines, the Polish government and academic institutions to develop new air traffic management technologies in Poland. The project coalition, which was formed at the U.S.-Poland Economic Summit, is seeking to increase airline profitability and make aviation in Poland more efficient, according to Boeing reports.

In a press release, the airline manufacturer revealed that the project establishes a Boeing research and development presence in Poland and opens up new opportunities to collaborate with Polish R&D centers.

Henryka Bochniarz, president of Boeing’s central and eastern European operations, said the project will benefit all parties involved. “We already have important customer relationships and a strong Boeing presence in Poland, and this agreement broadens our engagement in the country,” she said in a statement.

“This is the first major research initiative by an aircraft manufacturer in Poland and recognizes Poland’s unique talent and world-class technology capabilities,” Bochniarz continued.

The project coalition’s first act of business is streamlining aircraft descents in dense air traffic, a procedure known as optimized profile descent. According to Boeing, this process can lower airlines’ carbon emissions, optimize landings and takeoffs, and reduce aircraft-related noise. Boeing expects to complete this first project phase later this year, with one Polish airport testing the benefits of OPD.

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