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By control on June 22, 2012
  • Officials at Singapore Changi Airport saw 152,900 tonnes of freight come through the airport last month, a 2.8-percent, year-over-year, drop in activity. The result confirmed Changi’s 2012 downward trend, which has resulted in a 1.3-percent decrease in cargo during the first five months of the year. The first two months of the year had been tough for Changi, resulting in 7.1-percent and 12.4-percent traffic decreases in January and February, respectively. March’s year-over-year numbers came in at negative 1.8-percent; May’s results are a slight rebound over April’s 2.8-percent, year-over-year, decline.
  • Air Charter International has witnessed a boom in charter requests out of Africa, with business in this region growing 25 percent, year-over-year, in 2012. Business is also up from a global perspective: ACI has seen a 20-percent increase in charters involving unusual or complicated loads this year.
  • LUG aircargo handling has inked a deal with Rossiya Russian Airlines to perform freight-handling services at Frankfurt/Main airport, effective July 1. Rossiya, which operates six weekly passenger flights between St. Petersburg, Russia, and Frankfurt/Main, is expected to carry approximately 1,000 tonnes of cargo a year.
  • Worldwide Flight Services and Aviapartner have merged together, a step that will expand both companies’ cargo-handling capabilities. The merger will also leverage the companies' complementary business operations, particularly in Spain, the UK, Germany and Italy.
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