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May brings cargo decline for Air France-KLM

By control on June 7, 2012

Cargo traffic declined by 8.8 percent and load factor fell by 3.9 percent for KLM-Air France in May when compared to the same period in 2011. Unit revenue per available-tonne kilometer also decreased. On the passenger side, AF-KLM experienced almost flat passenger traffic growth, with a small rise in load factor and a decline in capacity.

The 8.8-percent fall is the second largest monthly decline this year, just outpacing April's 8.3-percent decline. In January, Air France-KLM took a 10.3-percent hit in cargo traffic and a 3-percent decline in load factor, year-over-year.

In May, AK-KLM saw decreases in revenue-tonne kilometers in every region except the Caribbean/Indian Ocean, which ended May with an 8.1-percent, year-over-year, increase. The biggest RTK losses occurred in Europe (21.2 percent), the Americas (13.4 percent) and the Asia-Pacific region (5.1 percent). Taking into account the entire year, all the regions except the Caribbean, have experienced losses, though none quite as severe as April's drops.

The trend seen in RTKs reverberated throughout AF-KLM's other numbers, with the Caribbean showing most of the positive results in available-tonne kilometers and load factor. The Asia-Pacific region experienced a 0.1-percent uptick in load factor this year, which helped boost its year-to-date load-factor result to 0.6 percent.

In a release outlining its performance, AF-KLM highlighted its expansion in Africa — new routings into Lusaka, Zambia, and Abuja, Nigeria — and a new A380 flight to Los Angeles.

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