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Modest cargo growth for ANA in May

By control on June 15, 2012

Preliminary monthly results for All Nippon Airlines show a 2.6-percent, year-over-year, increase in domestic cargo tonnage for May. International cargo tonnage increased even more, ending the month with a year-over-year increase of 8.8 percent.

ANA transported 34,914 tonnes domestically last month, a small decrease when compared to April activity. In the first two months of the fiscal year, ANA's domestic cargo tonnage is slightly down when compared the same time last year. ANA also saw a small month-to-month decrease internationally, but the two-month total shows international tonnage up by 5.4 percent when compared to last year.

The carrier did, however, benefit from massive upticks in passengers carried and passenger revenue, showing year-over-year increases of 15.4 percent and 14 percent, respectively, in May.

Results from ANA's 2011 fiscal-year, which ended in March, included a $23 million increase, year-over-year, in international cargo revenue and a $10 million, year-over-year, increase in domestic cargo revenue. The results represented 2.2-percent and 2.6-percent increases, respectively.

When the carrier released its 2011 fiscal-year results, officials pointed gradual recovery from the Japanese earthquake as a driving factor of growth in 2012. But the appreciation of the yen, a downturn in overseas economies and a possible economic slowdown in China could depress ANA's 2012 results.


It's good to see ANA ding well in Psgr and Air Cargo Revenue. ANA hs een a promoter of AirCargo through some of the B747-300M "Combis" They are flying a few around. Best. Now from the Air Cargo Junky

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