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TIACA urges more mutual-recognition agreements

By control on June 21, 2012

The International Air Cargo Association has applauded the recent agreements forged by authorities around the world to mutually recognize other countries’ airfreight screening regimes. But more nations should follow the lead of these trailblazing countries, TIACA indicated in a press release.

“We strongly support efforts to enhance security of the air cargo supply chain without unduly disrupting vital commercial flows,” TIACA Chairman Michael Steen said in a statement. “Mutual recognition of robust security regimes is an important way to further this goal, so we commend the U.S., EU, Swiss and Canadian authorities for their recent announcements in this regard.

“TIACA will continue to support additional efforts to mutually recognize security regimes and to implement global, harmonized standards,” Steen added.

On June 1, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration and the European Commission began mutually recognizing each other’s airfreight security protocols, a directive that also extends to Switzerland. TSA Administrator John Pistole said along with “easing the burden on the industry,” the agreement allows the more than 1 million tonnes of cargo flown between the U.S. and Europe annually to move more freely.

The U.S. inked a similar deal with Canada in late May, an agreement preventing belly-hold cargo screened in either the U.S. or Canada from having to be re-screened once it’s uploaded on a passenger aircraft in the other nation.

In the press release, TIACA lauded these efforts, explaining that mutual recognition of another nation’s cargo screening protocols prevents the duplication of security controls, cuts costs and eliminates time delays; it also ensures that airfreight security requirements are consistently met, TIACA added.


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I don't quite understand how the TSA can speak of contimmemt to a causeas critical as cargo security, without setting a new deadline for 100% screening.Whether it is feasible or not, a new deadline should be set, before discarding the old one.Fear of taking responsibility is the worst characteristic we could ever see for this organizationSincerely,Andrew P Brown

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