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John Menzies curbs UK freight operations

By control on July 17, 2012

Menzies Aviation will close its cargo operations at Birmingham, East Midlands, Glasgow and Manchester airports in a bid to return the company to profitability. The company’s freight-handling operations at London Heathrow Airport, Scotland’s Aberdeen Airport and George Best Belfast City Airport in Northern Ireland will not be disrupted, however, the company’s Andy Boyd told Air Cargo World.

The restructuring process will set Menzies Aviation back £3 million, but Boyd said the company remains “very committed” to growing its cargo operations at the remaining airports.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Menzies Aviation’s freight-handling business at Birmingham, East Midlands, Glasgow and Manchester airports. Boyd explained to Air Cargo World that the company’s problems stemmed from a variety of factors, including sluggish cargo volumes and yield diminution.

Still, the loss of Menzies Aviation’s regional freight-handling contract with Lufthansa hurt business the most. After that, Boyd said, “We had to make some very tough decisions in relation to our UK regional cargo business.”

The company will close shop at East Midlands Airport on July 31, with Menzies Aviation’s freight-handling operations in Manchester and Birmingham ceasing one month later. (A closing date for operations at Glasgow wasn’t provided.) The company has subsequently reviewed its land-side trucking services and concluded that this business will also close, Boyd said.

Despite these actions, Boyd remains optimistic about the future of the company. “The remaining cargo operations at Heathrow, Aberdeen and Belfast will continue to be a vital part of the future of Menzies Aviation in the UK, alongside our significant ground-handling operations across the country,” Boyd told Air Cargo World.


Submitted by alan on
The step taken Menzies Aviation is understandable amidst tough time being faced by cargo industries owing to rise in fuel prices and diminishing cargo volume. But economists have predicted a recovery for cargo industry business in future.

With the increase in fuel prices the economy of the companies have fallen and are taking major steps towards it. Menzies Aviation should not step back and wait for some period of time soon the economy will recover.

Submitted by Spike on
i currently work for the menzoes aviation company.excellent and professional work environment.friendly customers,great work attitude and managerial efforts ive currently at the jfk operation and this will come to cease on june 29 :/ sadly i enjoyed working here.this company at the jfk location is closing due to the move of CATHAY PACIFIC AIRLINE.forcing the other airlines we handle to find a new home,since cathay pacific funds 80% of income.

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