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Streamlining is the focus at AA Cargo

By control on September 21, 2012

“It’s very manually intensive in cargo compared with the highly automated passenger process, and takes a lot of phone calls and messaging," he said. "You have to have clear, standardized operating procedures for how you deal with bookings and handling. We do more interlining than many of our competitors, but we don’t offer temperature-controlled interlining with all our partners.”

There is no cross-selling or code-sharing, and cargo booked with American almost always flies the main leg on one of its own aircraft. Hashimoto accepts that major technological and cultural issues still stand in the way of passenger-style revenue-sharing agreements - yet envisions the possibility for cargo in the longer term. “One day," he said, "there may be an opportunity to offer a broader network as if it was our own.”



Submitted by William Jones on
One might conclude that by making the cargo head position part time, AA bankruptcy management does not recognize the value of a sector that yields such a small percentage of gross revenue.

Submitted by Ian Bradley on
William Just to clarify your comment, the position of President Cargo at American is a full-time role and not shared with another function. Kenji Hashimoto has held the position since early May and both his and American's commitment to cargo remains 100 per cent. Cargo is an extremely important part of our overall business and we are confident it will continue to do so well in to the future. Ian Bradley American Airlines


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