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Industry faces hard work to attract new blood

By control on March 15, 2013

Excuses Judd said he was tired of hearing were, “Generation Y don’t want to work for us. They’re different. We’re not a sexy enough industry. It’s difficult to recruit into such an unstable industry. We have no time for internships or career development.”

Judd added, “We’re not great at shouting outside of our industry.” On the specific issue of attracting more women into airfreight, he said companies may have to look closer at adjusting shift patterns and working around domestic constraints in order to attract the missing 50 percent.

He said employers needed to be smarter at promoting the potential for advancement. Knowledge empowered the workforce, but rewards for performance or achievement did not have to be in financial form.

Wissam Hachem, head of corporate development at Etihad Airways, had earlier described the challenge of developing future senior executives. Part of the carrier’s strategy had been to show line managers, who were rightly focused on immediate delivery, that mentoring was part of their day-to-day responsibility.

Hachem said there was a fear of transparency among these middle managers and a reluctance to be completely open about the nature of their job. Their concern is: Will this person take my place?

Judd had words of reassurance, pointing out that the transport and logistics industries needed to hire 17 million more people over the next 20 years. “You’re not going to lose your job,” he said.



Submitted by Niel Landeg on
I think many industry professionals, and their children who would have normally followed them into the business (as I did my father), became very disillusioned when almost every major airline decided to outsrouce their cargo jobs to handling companies, greatly reducing the wages paid and terminating what would have been lifelong careers. There is a price to be paid for that and we are reaping what we sowed in the 90s.


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