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Six helicopters delivered to Russia

By control on April 22, 2013

Consolidators International has completed its latest delivery of six helicopters to Russia to aid its oil industry.

The six Robinson R4 helicopters were airlifted on a Boeing 747 freighter aircraft to Helsinki, a customary jumping off point to Russia and then on to Moscow. From there, the helicopters were dispatched to their assigned posts throughout eastern Russia, including Siberia.

Consolidators International has specialized in shipping helicopters to Russia for the past decade, primarily for its oil industry. Julian Keeling, CEO at Consolidators International, said Russia is the world's largest producer of oil.

"With oil underpinning the entire Russian economy, that industry cannot allow even minor interruptions in production,” Keeling said. “The Robinson helicopters are invaluable in finding trouble spots quickly, allowing repairs to be made with minimal time wasted, saving thousands and even millions of dollars.”

As a mid-sized consolidator, Los-Angeles-based Consolidators International serves developing markets that large forwarders may find too small.

"Finding the right niche and providing consistent tender, loving care is the key to success with any forwarder," Keeling said.