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31 arrested in connection with Brussels diamond heist

By control on May 13, 2013

Thirty-one people were arrested in Belgium, France and Switzerland in connection with the diamond robbery at Brussels Airport that took place Feb. 18.

“The breakthrough in the investigation is very good news. The developments the Belgian authorities communicated this morning are very important and hopeful for the ongoing investigation,” Ari Epstein, CEO of Antwerp World Diamond Centre, said in a statement.

Air Cargo World reported on the security concerns highlighted by the Brussels diamond heist.

One suspect arrested in France is suspected to be one of the robbers and has been involved in several crimes in France. Belgian authorities have requested his extradition.

Swiss authorities have arrested six individuals.

Also, 250 police officers executed 40 raids, mostly in and around the Brussels area. During these raids, 24 individuals were arrested. Approximately 10 of them are known to be involved in the Brussels criminal scene.

In Switzerland, authorities found diamonds, some of which were confirmed to be part of the stolen parcels.

The investigation is still ongoing.