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Air cargo in state of evolution

By control on May 7, 2013

By Adina Solomon

The air cargo environment and the way it functions are changing, says Oliver Evans, chief cargo officer at Swiss WorldCargo.

“Whenever there’s change, there are people who are unable to adapt,” Evans says.

Evans, Ashwin Bhat and Achim Martinka were participants in a question and answer session with industry media Monday at the CNS Partnership Conference. Bhat is vice president and head of area management Americas, Middle East and Asia, while Martinka is vice president of the Americas at Lufthansa Cargo.

Swiss WorldCargo has begun non-stop daily service to Singapore, which also creates opportunities in Thailand and neighboring countries.

Bhat says the airline is focusing on more refrigeration for the pharmaceuticals industry with hubs to be set up in Brazil, India, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa.

Martinka says Lufthansa added a freighter in Mexico. The airline expects growth in capacity this year.

“March gave us hope that the market would remain stable,” he says.

Technology in the air cargo industry was discussed at the session. Every company is waiting for someone else to take the first step when it comes to technology, Martinka says, and that technology is needed to turn a profit.

“If you still want to make some profit,” he says, “you have to get your operational costs down.”

Bhat says though the industry must embrace technology, air cargo can’t talk about implementing E-freight until it works on the basics, he says.

“Technology has developed so much,” Bhat says. “We as an industry are not using it.”

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