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New European cargo airline launched

A new European cargo airline has been launched.

Aerospace One S.A., Greece will offer wide-body freighters for charter or ACMI lease. The fleet, which is already in operation, will use 747-200s and new 747-400 jumbo jets. There are also plans for further expansion.

The airline will be launched at Air Cargo Europe 2013, Munich in June.

Founder Jaideep Mirchandani said Aerospace One S.A. will target charter businesses worldwide specializing in the freighter transport of heavy loads.

It will build cargo bridges between continents, initially Asia and South America via Europe, Mirchandani said.

Aerospace One S.A. will draw on the experience of other airlines and individuals within the Skyone Group.

“We aim to provide cargo bridges between continents,” Mirchandani said. “We will serve a particular niche in this market. Our companies have been operating successfully for nearly a decade in the field of transportation of heavy loads and ACMI lease. The accumulated experience coupled with the experienced team of professionals that surrounds the new company, forms the platform for further development of the group's activities and will prepare the ground for the inclusion of additional cargo aircrafts in the fleet.”

Aerospace One S.A. made its maiden flight in April when a 747-200 flew from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates to Jakarta, Indonesia.

It will operate from a home base at Châteauroux, France.

Air charter specialist chartersphere has an exclusive affiliation with the airline. The UK-based company will handle all charter inquiries and contract arrangements for Aerospace One S.A.