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United to reintroduce 787 flights

By control on May 16, 2013

United Airlines is preparing to reintroduce Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights.

"Our customers responded extremely well when we introduced the 787, and we know they'll welcome it back," Pete McDonald, United's COO, said. "Boeing and the [Federal Aviation Administration] were diligent in their work to fix the battery issue, and now the Dreamliner is poised to fly the missions we planned and provide our customers the features and reliability they want on their long-haul flights."

Boeing has already converted two of United's six Dreamliners to the new FAA standards and will soon convert the rest of United's fleet. United has scheduled flights to begin May 20 on routes from Houston to other domestic hubs. United will begin international 787 flying on the Denver-Tokyo route June 10.

A benefit of the 787 is it accepts the same container types as the popular 777. 787 operators have reached cargo payloads of more than 15 tonnes per flight on long-range routes.

"United Cargo customers are very impressed by the unique size and range opportunities of the 787," Robbie Anderson, president of United Cargo, said. "The Denver-Tokyo flight is a perfect example of the type of market made feasible by the 787 – a market no one else is serving with nonstop flights. We're very excited about the new widebody routes the 787 will make available to our customers."