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Cargolux flies horses to Canadian race

By control on June 10, 2013

Cargolux Airlines flew a shipment of 36 racehorses from Luxembourg to Calgary, Canada on a Boeing 747-8 freighter.

LuxairCARGO was the handling agent.

Cargolux used its new HMC horse stalls for the animals. The HMC not only provides higher stability but its double layer pallet base also reduces the motion feeling for the horses, greatly reducing the stress the animals feel compared to single layer pallets.

The 36 horses, originating from the Netherlands and Germany, were supervised throughout the loading process and during the flight by a team of five grooms. In Calgary, they will participate at the annual Spruce Meadows races.

Cargolux carries around 3,000 horses every year. The airline is a member of the Animal Transport Association.