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Report links lithium batteries to UPS crash in 2010

By control on July 24, 2013

UPS said the UPS-Independent Pilots Association Safety Task Force collaborated with the NTSB, FAA and industry safety experts to research and implement a series of industry-leading safety enhancements. Beyond the new fire-resistant containers, UPS said it has implemented the following changes:

* Fire containment covers for cargo pallets
* Quick donning, full-face oxygen masks
* Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS)
* Enhanced crew member training and emergency checklists
* Enhanced customer and employee training on hazardous material shipping
These solutions are designed to help prevent a blaze before it even starts; contain a fire at its source; and give crews time to get safely on the ground.
Other ongoing efforts to enhance cargo fire safety include:

* FAA certification for an in-container fire suppression system
* Advocating for harmonization of domestic and international shipping regulations
* Research and testing of fire-resistant collapsible containers


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