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American Airlines, US Airways vow 'vigorous' defense to U.S. blocking merger

By control on August 14, 2013

AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, and US Airways Group, announced that “they intend to mount a vigorous and strong defense” to the U.S. Department of Justice trying to block their proposed merger.

The merger would create the largest airline in the world.

“We believe that the DOJ is wrong in its assessment of our merger. Integrating the complementary networks of American and US Airways to benefit passengers is the motivation for bringing these airlines together. Blocking this procompetitive merger will deny customers access to a broader airline network that gives them more choices,” the airlines said in a statement. “Further, this merger provides the best outcome for AMR’s restructuring. The widespread support from the employees and financial stakeholders of both airlines underscores the fact that this is the best path forward for both airlines and the customers and communities we serve. We will mount a vigorous defense and pursue all legal options in order to achieve this merger and deliver the benefits of the new American to our customers and communities as soon as possible.”

The statement outlined what the benefits of the New American would be according to the airlines. These included promoting competitiveness by expanding service from both US and American’s hubs, offering more long-term opportunities for employees and giving increased service to customers.