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Three tonnes of crabs fly to Chinese festival

By control on September 11, 2013

China Southern Airlines moved three tonnes of crabs for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Guangzhou, China.

These crabs come from Dhaka, Thailand.

The fishing season for hairy crabs, which are the most expensive and famous crabs in China, will begin Sept. 17, according to the Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs Association of Suzhou. The crabs are named for their furry claws and are native to eastern Asia.

The Southeast Asian crabs go into the market right before the hairy crabs do.

As a traditional Southeast Asian cuisine, curry crab is frequently seen in Vietnamese restaurants in Guangzhou.

In order to ensure the quality of crabs, China Southern Airlines provides them with foam boxes with small holes and separate transportation. Meanwhile, the cargo division of China Southern Airlines has set up time limits for a quick operation; no more than 80 minutes passes from the crabs being uploaded at the airport to getting delivered to the harbor.