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B747-8's cargo helps dealcoholize beer for World Cup

Air Charter Service organized a charter for the first landing of a Boeing 747-8 freighter at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

It transported a dealcoholization apparatus to Viracopos-Campinas International Airport in São Paulo, which will be used to reduce the alcohol concentration in Brazilian beer during the 2014 World Cup.

“As well as being exceptional cargo, the charter itself was special. This was the first visit to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport for the B747-8F and was only possible after we obtained special permissions. It was welcomed by a water cannon salute put on by the airport fire department,” Stephan Blank, managing director Air Charter Service Germany, said.

The shipment was handled by Agility Logistics and weighed 35 tonnes. It was transported in 24 pieces inside wooden boxes.

“FIFA has decided, as of 2014, to ban alcoholic beverage consumption within the stadia of World Cup matches. In Brazil, non-alcoholic beers are simply not produced, so they are having to dealcoholize the beer that they do have,” Blank said. “That is the job of this apparatus.”