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Saudia Cargo, Lufthansa bring typhoon aid

By control on November 15, 2013

Saudia Cargo arrived in Cebu, Philippines, with humanitarian aid, flying on behalf of an international aid agency and its broker, Chapman Freeborn Airchartering.

Having received the call on Sunday evening to confirm the flight, Saudia Cargo’s personnel in Saudi Arabia and across Asia started working on obtaining the necessary permissions to operate the charter, which departed from Dubai World Central Airport on Tuesday evening and arrived in Cebu on Wednesday morning.

“The rapid turnaround of this operation from start to finish is a real tribute to the excellence of our staff, who worked around the clock to ensure that the procedure went as smoothly as possible,” Steve Manser, director-charter sales at Saudia Cargo, said. “We have fixed a total of four relief flights to Cebu so far and anticipate operating more flights in the coming week.”

The flight carried tents, kitchen equipment and hygiene kits.

“We are pleased to have worked with Saudi Airlines Cargo on this successful charter operation, which departed for the Philippines on schedule,” Shahe Ouzounian, COO of Chapman Freeborn, said. “Chapman Freeborn is currently coordinating flights for various international aid providers, and we are pleased to count on Saudi Airlines Cargo’s continued support.”

Lufthansa Cargo is also helping after the typhoon in the Philippines. The airline is launching an aid flight to the Philippines on Nov. 22 free of charge.

Carrying around 55 tonnes of relief supplies, the MD-11 freighter from Lufthansa Cargo will bring food packages, medical supplies, water treatment plants and tents. The supplies were provided by various organizations within the Aktion Deutschland Hilft emergency aid alliance, including World Vision, Malteser, Help and Action Medeor. The logistics in Manila will be handled by DHL.

“Almost a week after the devastating typhoon, the need in the Philippines is still unimaginable,” Karl Ulrich Garnadt, chairman and CEO of Lufthansa Cargo, said. “Together with our partner, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, and the organizations involved, we want to provide the people on the ground with professional, pragmatic assistance. Prompt shipments by aircraft are essential for this.”