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Shanghai Pudong Terminal sees freight skyrocket

By Staff Reports on December 19, 2013

Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal Co. had the best monthly cargo tonnage in its history.

In November, PACTL achieved tonnage growth of 10.96 percent year-over-year and reached 129,363 tonnes. This beat the previous record set in October 2010.

The cargo terminal has seen tonnage rise by 2.83 percent to a total of 1,173,784 tonnes for the first 11 months. Meanwhile, all of 2012 reached only 1,141,472 tonnes.

PACTL’s domestic cargo volume grew by 17.05 percent year-over-year to 8,624 tonnes in November, while its international cargo volume rose by 10.55 percent to 120,739 tonnes. PACTL’s domestic cargo increased by 17.53 percent in all to a figure of 83,171 tonnes during the first 11 months of 2013. International cargo meanwhile rose by 1.86 percent to 1,090,613 tonnes.

“This shows that our domestic business is still developing extremely well, while the international business is growing significantly again. In line with these developments, I’m convinced that we’ll see a positive overall performance by the end of the year,” Lutz Grzegorz, vice president of PACTL, said.

Imports grew by 13.44 percent to 47,822 tonnes in November, while exports showed an increase of 9.55 percent year-over-year to 81,541 tonnes. Imports rose by 5.24 percent to a total figure of 462,287 tonnes during the first 11 months. Exports meanwhile increased by 1.32 percent to 711,497 tonnes during the same period.

“Export and import volumes are continuing to complement each other, and this will help our customers to operate round-trips more efficiently,” Grzegorz said.