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ST Aerospace receives US$780 million of new orders

By Staff Reports on January 9, 2014
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ST Aerospace announced Thursday that it has been awarded new orders worth US$780 million (573.4 million euros) in the fourth quarter of 2013.  

These contracts span the aerospace sector.

In the fourth quarter, ST Aerospace redelivered a total of 198 aircraft for airframe maintenance and modification work. A total of 10,985 components, 67 landing gears and 60 engines were processed, while 2,484 engine washes were conducted for both commercial and military customers.

Following the launch of the 15-pallet cargo configuration development effort for its 757-200SF freighter conversion program in June 2013, ST Aerospace received its first contract for five 757-200SF converted freighters with the new variant.

A six-year contract was also secured with an existing Asian customer for the depot maintenance of its fleet of aircraft, covering airframes, components and engines.

Other initiatives implemented in the fourth quarter include the setting up of an aircraft leasing business to focus on mid-life to end-of-life aircraft for leasing, conversion and part out, and the establishment of Hondo Aerospace at the South Texas Regional Airport in Hondo, Texas, to venture into green harvesting of aircraft parts, components and engines.