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TIACA tackles global expansion

By Martin Roebuck on January 20, 2014

It was “more interesting” for forwarders and carriers to understand why electronic messages between them were incomplete or wrong than to know whether the industry’s takeup of e-freight was 8 percent or 9 percent, he said.

Speaking to Air Cargo World, Evans said he was confident about a strengthening market in 2014. However, in a suggestion that rates would stay under pressure, he added that the growth in passenger air capacity would more than satisfy increased demand.

Air cargo is well placed to retain its leading edge in the pharmaceutical and IT sectors, despite recent evidence of modal shift, “if we can get our act together,” Evans said. “We’ve allowed ourselves to be commoditized.”

In a return to the main theme of the briefing, he said: “We’ve not been engaged enough with the end-user. We have not linked up with industry organizations such as Cargo 2000 as regards quality.” For pharma customers, quality and efficiency is not a “nice to have,” Evans concluded, but a must.


TIACA Membership

Freight forwarders/logistics service providers 23.3%
Airports 18.5
Airlines 16.7
Shippers 7
Honorary 5.6
GSAs 3.8
Associations 3.6
GHAs 3.1
Consultants 2.7
Charter services 2.4
IT providers 2.4
Educational institutions 2.4
Manufacturers 2
ACMI operators 1.3
Others (includes express operators, integrators, facilities management, suppliers, media) 4.1