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Cargolux orders another 747-8F

By Staff Reports on February 14, 2014
tagged cargolux, boeing

Boeing and Cargolux Airlines announced Friday an order for an additional 747-8 freighter.

The order is the 14th 747-8F the cargo carrier has ordered from Boeing.

"The Cargolux Board of Directors approved the order of our 14th 747-8 freighter almost 35 years to the day that the airline took delivery of its first 747 freighter ever," Richard Forson, interim president and CEO of Cargolux, said. "This shows how pleased we, as an all-747 cargo operator, are with the performance and economics of this new generation aircraft and underlines the importance of the role of the 747 overall in the success of our company."

Cargolux has made news recently for its two executives who resigned in January, one of who resigned due to differences with the board of directors regarding the airline’s strategy for the future.

Cargolux was the world's first operator of the 747-8 freighter, taking its first delivery of the airplane type in October 2011. Since then, the airline has taken a total of nine 747-8 freighters. With today's announcement, Cargolux has a total of five unfilled orders for 747-8 freighters.

"Since we delivered the first ever 747-8 Freighter to Cargolux, the airplane has proved its value by enabling the airline to carry more revenue cargo with lower operating costs," said Todd Nelp, vice president of sales for Europe, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "Boeing and Cargolux have enjoyed nearly 40 years of shared history, and we remain committed to providing this all-Boeing operator with the best products to support its continued growth."