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Potatoes push AA Cargo to set company record

By Staff Reports on February 12, 2014

American Airlines Cargo set a new system-wide record in January for the total amount of cargo carried on one of its new B777-300ER aircraft.

American’s ground handling team in Los Angeles loaded flight 136 with 103,384 pounds (46,894 kilos) of freight on Jan. 21, marking the first time the airline has carried a six-digit load. The cargo was built into 14 containers and included dense seasonal vegetables such as carrots, asparagus, green onions, potatoes and celery.

The new total tops the previous record of 97,237 pounds (44,990 kilos), which was set by teams in New York Kennedy (JFK) in November 2013.

“There’s a healthy level of competition among our hubs right now to see who can generate the most freight on our new aircraft,” Andy Baum, managing director of cargo operations in Los Angeles, said. “Our B777-300ER allows us to carry more cargo than ever before, and as we introduce it into various new markets, the race is on. I’m incredibly proud of the collaboration that goes on between our teams and the pride they take in making sure our cargo customers’ needs are met.” 

While the flight was destined for London, a majority of the cargo continued onto Amsterdam, Dubai, Kuwait and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.