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DHL expands carbon reporting

By Staff Reports on March 10, 2014
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DHL Global Forwarding, Freight expanded carbon reporting for transports.

The company adopted the greenhouse gas protocol “Product Lifecycle Accounting and Reporting Standard” for carbon reports, launched a new web platform called DHL Carbon Dashboard 2.0 and unveiled Quick Scan, which measures carbon efficiency and compares it with industry benchmarks. 

“We expect that the regulations for carbon reporting will further increase over the next years. Our new GoGreen service portfolio helps companies to gain emission transparency, find options for efficiency improvements, potential cost savings and neutralize their emission impact,” Roger Crook, CEO DHL Global Forwarding, Freight, said.

The implementation of the greenhouse gas protocol “Product Lifecycle Accounting and Reporting Standard” allows DHL to include data on other greenhouse gases, such as methane, nitrous oxide and other pollutants, in the calculations. Additionally, upstream emissions generated by the production and transport of energy and fuel are considered now.

The Carbon Dashboard 2.0 provides customers with information on emission sources from their supply chain in a visual way.  

“For companies using DHL Global Forwarding’s carbon reporting services, or have not yet taken this first step to make their supply chains greener, this browser-based customer interface has been enhanced to easily visualize the impact and manage air and ocean shipments’ carbon emissions,” said Alejandro Palacios, regional head of business strategy and performance management. “It serves as a one-stop shop for businesses that are ready to take serious steps to improve the efficiency of their supply chains.” 

Quick Scan measures a company’s carbon efficiency by taking pre-defined key performance indicators into account and comparing them with industry benchmarks.