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What is next? Industry observers peer into the crystal ball

By John W. McCurry on March 13, 2014

Pasternak said the Aeroscraft, now in prototype stage, would have its first operational version within three years. Some years after that, he envisions having four 66-tonne “vehicles” and 18 that have 250-tonne capacities. Advantages include no infrastructure or geographical restrictions. Pasternak said the blimps will bridge a market gap, cost-wise, between ships, rail and truck and the more expensive airfreight. They will have the ability to handle several types of projects that are currently unavailable or uneconomical via existing air cargo operations, he said.

Aeroscraft, has several noteworthy partners thus far, including Cargolux and Air Charter Services, but the company is looking for more.

“We need more partners. A revolution is hard to do when you are short and have this kind of accent,” said Pasternak, who hails from Kazakhstan.