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Schiphol stays ahead of European neighbors

By Staff Reports on April 25, 2014

Cargo tonnage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol ballooned by 7.3 percent in the first quarter of 2014 compared to the same period in 2013.

Schiphol moved 392,990 tonnes during the first quarter of 2014. This quarter was also the second best in over three years, beaten only by the final quarter of 2013.

“We are greatly encouraged by the traffic figures for 2014 so far, which are maintaining the positive trends of the past 15 months. We are currently outperforming the global market, and our European neighbors,” Enno Osinga, Schiphol cargo senior vice president, said. “The campaign to streamline all ground processes at Schiphol continues, so strengthening our position against other gateways and also helping to protect the role of airfreight in the global transport mix.”

Regional rankings remained unchanged from 2013. Asia retained top place, with a total of 142,256 tonnes (up 7 percent), but its share of the total fell slightly. It is now at 36.7 percent, down from 39.3 percent for 2013 as a whole.

North America showed stronger growth, up 13.2 percent on the same period of 2013, to a total of 69,868 tonnes – a 17.8 percent share of the total, compared to 16.6 percent for 2013. The Middle East was up 14 percent, Africa grew 1.6 percent and Europe rose 10.9 percent. Only Latin America fell, down 6.1 percent during the first quarter.

Imports for the first quarter accounted for 51.01 percent of the total (up from 50.58 percent throughout 2013), while exports represented 48.99 percent of all traffic (down from 49.42 percent). Freighter movements grew by 6.6 percent in the first quarter, totaling 4,029.

“Our logistics community are all playing a key role in our success, through their continuing innovation and investment,” Osinga said.