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Leipzig/Halle, Zhengzhou partner to develop airfreight

By Staff Reports on May 9, 2014

A strategic airport cooperation arrangement will link the Henan Province Airport Group and Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding.

Henan Province Airport Group manages Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. Leipzig/Halle Airport is a subsidiary of Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding.

This is designed to enable the organizations to develop airfreight flights together and strengthen their airports as central hubs for the distribution of goods in China and Europe.

The agreement was signed in the presence of the mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung.

“The interest on the part of the Chinese confirms that the expansion and investments in the airport and logistics facilities at Leipzig/Halle have paid off. We’re also expecting greater commitment from Asian investors operating in both the industry and commerce sectors,” the mayor said during the signing ceremony.

The central Chinese government in Beijing is increasing its efforts to move industries into new inner Chinese development zones. 

“We’ve found a highly promising partner to network our ambitious region with the European continent in the shape of Leipzig/Halle, the fifth largest cargo airport in Europe,” An Huiyuan, chairman of the Henan Province Airport Group, said. “We selected Leipzig/Halle because we value the airport’s central location, its outstanding intermodal transport links and its unrestricted operating times. Based on these factors, we’re expecting our cooperation arrangement to be constructive and successful.”

The managers in Zhengzhou have classified Leipzig/Halle Airport with its 24-hour operating permit for airfreight shipments as an ideal site for transporting goods between Europe and China.

“We’ve now managed to expand our global cooperation network to four Asian and two American partner airports as a result of this agreement with Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. Consequently, we’ll be able to work even more intensively on developing new airfreight services and expanding existing ones,” Markus Kopp, CEO at Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG, said. “The benefits of being able to handle airfreight round the clock will divert additional flows of goods through Leipzig/Halle. This will not only safeguard existing jobs at the airport and in the surrounding area, but also create new ones.”