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ANA, Lufthansa Cargo launch Japan-Europe joint venture

By Staff Reports on September 3, 2014

All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Lufthansa Cargo will launch a strategic air cargo joint venture on routes between Japan and Europe.

ANA has received antitrust immunity, gaining approval for the joint venture from the Japanese Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport after filing for it in spring 2014. In addition, the joint venture has been assessed by external counsel for compliance with European Union antitrust regulations.

Now ANA and Lufthansa Cargo can jointly manage activities covered by the joint venture, including network planning, pricing, sales and handling on all routes between Japan and Europe. Based on a contract that will be signed in the coming weeks, the two carriers aim to introduce the joint approach on shipments originating from Japan to Europe in winter 2014/2015 and for shipments from Europe to Japan in mid-2015. 

The airlines are moving under one roof at major stations, such as the airports Narita and Nagoya in Japan and Dusseldorf and Frankfurt in Germany, so customers can use the services of both airlines at a single location.