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Air Freight Data

Stay up-to-date with this exclusive collection of charts, which illustrate everything from Asian and European carriers' cargo traffic to freight forwarder airfreight sales.

  • Asia-Pacific Carrier Traffic, Nov. 2014 & YTD

    As expected, international air freight demand for Asia-Pacific airlines accelerated in November, driven by strong growth in shipments of electronic goods going into the peak season. Air cargo demand, measured in freight-tonne-kilometers (FTK), increased by 5.6 percent, reached a year-long high point. Freight capacity (FATKs) grew by a comparatively modest 1.9%, leading to a 2.4 percentage point gain in freight load factor to
    68.3 percent.

  • European Carrier Traffic

    November figures were mostly flat for freight traffic at European airlines, with intra-Europe FTKs rising 0.7 percent and long-haul traffic barely rising 0.1 percent, year over year. Overall FTKs rose a modest 0.3 percent, y-o-y.

  • Total Freight Growth by Region - IATA

    Air freight volumes, y-o-y, were up 4.2 percent in November, which was down from October’s 5.4 percent, but the reduction in growth was the effect of a strong monthly rise in November 2013. Asia-Pacific airlines were only the 3rd fastest growing region in the FTKs they carried in November, but that increase over the year still represented over 55 percent of the total expansion in the market.

  • Volume Growth Per Region

    Volume growth worldwide for November 2014 was a respectable 4.3 percent, but it's slightly misleading, given that the November 2013 figures were unusually high. Central and South America led the year-over-year November and year-to-date growth (7.6 percent and 9.1 percent). This was followed by Asia-Pacific (7.3 percent) and Africa (6.8 percent).

  • WorldACD: Yield Index By Region

    November 2014 cargo yields (in US$) again topped those for October, growing 1.7 percent, yet worldwide yield fell by 4 percent, year over year. The yield index for the Europe-to-Asia-Pacific  and intra-Asia-Pacific routes both declined to 93.9 and 92.0, respectively, but the yield for Europe-to-Central and South America rose slightly to 93.6. According to WorldACD, yield excluding surcharges dropped less in November, which could be a sign that changing fuel surcharges may be having an influence.