ACAS extended one more year

Forwarders and carriers that still need time to finalize their advance data-sharing operations can breathe a little easier. They now have one more year of pilot testing to smooth out the kinks, said the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The law enforcement organization said the Air Cargo Advanced Screening (ACAS) pilot program will be extended for one more year, to July 26, 2016. The program, introduced in 2012, is a voluntary test in which participants submit required advance air cargo data to the CBP at the earliest time possible, prior to loading cargo on an aircraft either destined to our transiting through the United States.

The program is intended to target high-risk cargo handled by express carriers, passenger carriers, heavy all-cargo carriers and freight forwarders. CBP said it wants to provide sufficient opportunity for the air cargo community to participate in the program while it’s still a pilot program. Participants are required to include the air waybill number, the total quantity based on the smallest external packing unit, total weight, cargo description, shippers name and address, and the consignee’s name and address.

Participants of ACAS must also mitigate any threat identified by the National Targeting Center, respond promptly if contacted with questions regarding the data submitted, follow any do-not-load instructions, and partake in regular teleconferences or meetings set up by CBP, when necessary, to ensure that issues or challenges regarding the pilot program are communicated and addressed.

Applications are being accepted for new ACAS pilot program participants through Oct. 26, 2015.

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