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enno osinga

10/21/2014 - 18:32
Cargo tonnage through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has continued its positive trend for the third quarter of 2014, up 6.7 percent over the same period of 2013, and 8.1 percent for... Read more
07/15/2014 - 13:30
Cargo tonnages through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol continued to build throughout the second quarter of 2014, leading to overall growth of 8.84 percent year to date. From January to... Read more
04/25/2014 - 14:40
Cargo tonnage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol ballooned by 7.3 percent in the first quarter of 2014 compared to the same period in 2013. Schiphol moved 392,990 tonnes during the... Read more
03/26/2014 - 14:05
With a new remote security system, Dutch Customs will now be able to view shipments being scanned at the premises of freight forwarders and handlers, from the Customs Control... Read more
01/20/2014 - 14:50
The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has embarked on a global recruitment drive to help counter suspicions that it is a “club” serving only limited regional interests.... Read more
01/17/2014 - 15:04
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol experienced 3.2 percent growth in cargo traffic in 2013, with a total of 1,531,089 tonnes, coming close to the airport’s all-time record set in 2007.... Read more
10/29/2013 - 03:00
The growth in cargo throughput at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol continued through the third quarter, which was up 2.6 percent year over year at 383,780 tonnes. The quarter marked a... Read more
07/29/2013 - 09:05
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has continued to show modest cargo growth throughout the first half of 2013. The total of 736,608 tonnes handled through the airport represents an... Read more
04/23/2013 - 09:46
Oliver Evans (right in photo) and Enno Osinga (left) have been elected as chairman and vice chairman respectively of The International Air Cargo Association. Evans is chief cargo... Read more
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