Air Charter Service, Aeros establish partnership


Air Charter Service and Aeroscraft Corporation are working together to establish a strategic partnership supporting global project logistics and air cargo services.

Aeros, which is making a cargo airship called Aeroscraft, and ACS signed a memorandum of understanding to establish service-user business arrangements.

Aeroscraft cargo vehicle will provide ACS with point-to-point air delivery capabilities.   

This partnership will allow ACS to become a launch partner for the Aeroscraft 66 short-tonne ML 866 and the 250 short-tonne ML 868 vehicles, and to offer Aeroscraft logistics service access to partners and clients in project development.

“We are delighted to begin a partnership with Aeroscraft and jointly explore the expanded business model resulting from this exciting development in vertical lift air transport that can travel virtually anywhere,” Chris Leach, ACS’s chairman and founder, said.

The Aeroscraft will solve logistical problems through its vertical takeoff and landing capability when moving heavy and outsized cargo. 

“ACS is a leader in providing aircraft services around the world, specializing in commercial, non-profit and governmental logistics solutions,” Igor Pasternak, CEO of Aeros, said. “Naturally, ACS will be a valuable strategic partner when soon introducing point-to-point air cargo delivery solutions for project, industrial, humanitarian and high-value general payloads.”

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