BP Zhuhai Chemical extends CEVA contract

BP Zhuhai, a joint venture between BP and Zhuhai Port Co., Ltd., renewed its contract with CEVA Logistics to manage and operate BPZ’s warehouse facility. BP Zhuhai makes purified terephthalic acid, which is used to manufacture polyester coating and resins for use in various industrial products.

CEVA has managed and operated the BP Zhuhai facility in China’s Pearl River Delta, since 2002. The facility, totaling 10,000 square meters, is manned by approximately 200 CEVA staff, who are trained to handle products in the specialized and highly regulated chemical industry.

In recent years, CEVA has implemented site-safety campaigns and set up an Emergency Response Unit to provide the building with emergency response, fire facilities inspection and chemical waste disposal services. In 2013, CEVA received a 10-year Safety Award by BP Zhuhai in recognition of CEVA’s commitment to health and safety requirements for the BPZ facility.

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